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Northside Food & Beverage Menus

Menu Options

Guacamole cooking ingredients concept background with a space for a text, flat lay arrange


Using locally grown produce and clean ingredients we create a fresh, flavorful tex-mex experience.

Minimum order 35



Quality ingredients from local farms and those passionate about food, we are always adding items based on the seasons.

Minimum order 50

Served breakfast with potatoes savory waffles, boiled egg, ham and arugula on light backgr



Sleep in while we get everything ready for you and your friends to have a lovely afternoon.


Minimum order 50

Spaghetti and Wine


From pasta tossing stations to crispy ravioli pops, we are here to create the feel and satisfaction you are looking for.

Minimum order 50

Fresh Food


Always keeping freshness and health in mind we will create the menu to complement your event and transport your guests to another place in their mind.

Minimum order 50

Appetizers boards with assorted cheese, meat, grape and nuts. Charcuterie and cheese platt


Chef is always creating new items based around the seasons and after having fun playing around in the kitchen. Looking for something special?  Reach out and lets chat!

Minimum order 50

Grilled beef steak with spices on cutting board. Top view with copy space.jpg


We have got dinner covered. You can enjoy your special time with your guests and we will be here to add the comfort of a home cooked meal.

Minimum order 50

Assortment various barbecue food grill meat, bbq party fest - shish kebab, sausages, grill


Seasonal Menu

All the comfort and fun of a backyard bbq without the prep, sweat, and mess. 

Minimum order 50

Macaroon on a Plate


The perfect finishing touch to any event.  Items always being added throughout the year. Start by looking over some of our most ordered items, then we can chat to discuss adding your own special touch!

Minimum order 50

Beverage Options
& Add On's

Bloody Mary

Beverage & Bar

Pricing based on an order of 50 people. Smaller portions available of most items

Festive Tabletop

Add Ons

We've got the menu planned now lets bring the vision together!

Beach Wedding

Now lets make it an event!


We have a dedicated team here ready to take your dream and turn it into your reality. From the beginning to the fireworks at the end, we are here to help you with any aspects of your special day that you may need.  

Wedding Table Setting
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